Practical Information

Today, Planet Ocean Montpellier is open from 10 am to 7pm.

Open everyday from 10 am to 7 pm (subject to exceptional changes).

The last access is until 5:30 pm. Booking your visit in advance is not mandatory.

Plan a visit time of about 2h.

Today, the shop Mémoires d’Explorateur is open.

Today, the point of restauration the Emeraude Café is open from 11:00 to 17:00.

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To know

Accessible to strollers, changing tables available.

Visitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

No locker room on site.

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Jacques-Yves COUSTEAU said “We protect what we love, and we love what we know”. By introducing visitors to some of the astonishing, majestic and emblematic species that make up Earth’s biodiversity, Planet Ocean participates in raising public awareness of conservation.
But above all this conservation mission requires good living conditions for our species as well as information sharing with all those who play a vital role in protecting our blue planet.


of Planet Ocean species: the daily tasks of animal care technicians

Diver, cook, trainer, nurse, mediator or hydraulic technician? All at the same time if you’re an animal carer! These varied tasks enable the Planet Ocean team to ensure the daily well-being of the (almost) 3000 residents of the complex. The space in which they live, but also their feeding, learning and observation, adhere to very strict protocols! Moreover, their health is closely monitored by a specialized veterinary team.


of species in the wild

Planet Ocean works to protect wild animal species. Several programmes are therefore being carried out for this purpose:

  • Sharing of scientific information obtained through contact with our various residents in everyday life, with other influential key players (researchers, colleagues, local or international NGOs)
  • Exchanging and donating species between French or international aquariums
  • Or participation in breeding programs in protected environments

There are many possible actions that help contribute to a better understanding of species and their protection. Moreover, Planet Ocean has recently obtained encouraging results in the reproduction of the Pacific Chimera in a protected environment, with the birth of several young chimeras, a first in Europe!


In the middle of the Mediterranean shoreline, two children are having fun playing… Further on, a couple immerses themselves in reading the identity cards for bull sharks!
Planet Ocean Montpellier’s entertaining and scientific mediation helps to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting the world’s biodiversity. This is also the case for the must-see activities along the visitor trail, such as feeding, diving and many other activities that are visible to the public.

But it also involves organizing numerous other events that are as varied as they are exciting: free conferences on major themes (climate change, sustainable management of marine resources, the unique place of the Earth in the Universe, coral reefs), special planetarium sessions, participation in larger-scale events, months or thematic weeks (World Ocean Day, conservation month, European Fisheries Week, Science Day)…

Information and awareness-raising for the general public, as well as for specific audiences, such as schoolchildren and others, is essential if we are to work together to deal with the major challenges facing our Blue Planet!